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This may not seem like a big deal but eventually it will start taking away so much that the truth will be taken away.

Denying Real Life By deleting a blog because it talks about sex is denying people from discussing issues they experience in real life.

Trickle Affect With the deletion of things on a blog about sex a domino affect could occur.

Imagine a world where sex talk was completely banned across all points of life.

Even with rated r films sexual connotations being deleted could completely destroy the movie.

Films and photographs could eventually be affected by the move google is making by taking down these controversial blogs.

When this is done alot of personal and valuable material will be lost forever.Just because something online doesn’t agree with you in a blog it shouldn’t be deleted.Material that demeans people or puts them in real physical or emotions danger should definitely be deleted as soon as possible.Although controversial it is legal so until it becomes illegal it should lent be tampered.If google has the right to take down content because it dislikes blogs talking about sex it may eventually take down every blog it dislikes.

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